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Somebody needs to go back to law school in the state of Virginia when it comes to the issue of restoring voting rights for ex-felons.…

ef=”″> In a breaking news report this afternoon, initial updates are beginning to swarm in on an earthquake that just shook up our nation’s capital and other parts of the easter seaboard. The quake ranked 5.8 in magnitude was felt 87 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. with aftershocks felt as far south as Raleigh, throughout […]

Prince William County Virginia– Tossing a snowball almost cost a man his life in Lake Ridge. Tyree Merle Alexander, 40, was arrested early Thursday morning after he sliced another man’s neck with a box cutter, Prince William County police said.

All it took was one jump from a cell phone tower stretching 259 ft. high into the sky and a fall that was a mere  5 seconds to end a life over the weekend. Now most would reason that over course you would die if you purposely leaped off of any building that tall but […]