Supreme Court

If you haven’t seen the video of Senator Kamala Harris questioning Judge Kavanaugh in his confirmation hearing, stop what you’re doing right now and get ready to chuckle.   Obviously, the internet loved it.     Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark Twitter/Snapchat: @The_KarenClark

Today, the Supreme Court voted to uphold the third version of President Trump’s travel ban. The ban restricts travel from mostly Muslim countries. The 5-4 decision states that the President has the power to control this type of immigration in the interest of national security.      

The Republicans flexed their political muscle to place Judge Neil Gorsuch on the bench.

The Republicans could change Senate rules to end a likely Democratic filibuster of Trump's Supreme Court pick.

A large majority of Democrats are threatening to vote no on Gorsuch's confirmation, leading Republicans to threaten the use of a "nuclear option."

Plus get the latest on Neil Gorsuch's confirmation process and the impending lawsuit against President Donald Trump.

The NAACP releases a comprehensive analysis of Judge Neil Gorsuch. It explains its opposition to his Supreme Court nomination

A U.S. federal appeals court blocked a request by the Department of Justice to reinstate President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban on Sunday.

Neil Gorsuch is no friend of reproductive rights, most notably fighting against the requirement for contraception coverage in the Affordable Care Act.

Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas says government institutions are broken. He included the high court in his assessment.

A petition has been created to highlight Thomas' contributions in the museum.

President Obama called into Foxy 107/104 today to encourage listeners to participate in early voting, which begins tomorrow in North Carolina. The President went on to address allegations of a rigged election, attempts by politicians to suppress the votes of minorities and to let North Carolinians know that their votes do count. Read More: Dr. William […]