DL Hughley stopped to give a recent interview and give  the scoop on what he has in the works, court appearances, twitter beef, burning the Quran, and dancing with the stars? Yes we know it sounds crazy but it will make sense when you watch. This video is hilarious. Also check out DL trying to […]

On rumors of a spin off show “Yes, I got a spin off of Tiny and Toya, but Tiny is going to feature on it but it’s mainly me… On why there will not be a third season of Tiny and Toya. Nothing happened. We’re doing our own thing or whatever Tiny is focusing on […]

When Russell Simmons first brought the world “Def Comedy Jam” he pioneered a ground breaking introduction to the underground gritty but super funny comedy scene. This became a big deal because he created an outlet that otherwise would have never let the world know that some of the most talented comedians ever even existed. Well […]