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Bold, clear and unapologetic, the talent in the list are champions in upholding the legacy of Black excellence.

These celebrities totally kicked 2016's ass.

Many celebrities, who in general tend to be more liberal, and who came out en masse for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, shared their thoughts on social media this morning.

Harry Belafonte's 'Many Rivers to Cross' Festival fused music, arts, culture and the call for social justice into one unique event.

When the disappointing and outrageous news broke today that all of the officers tried in the Freddie Gray murder case had been acquitted, most people were shocked, saddened and disheartened by another injustice of a black man being murdered with no one held accountable. However it wasn’t just regular citizens who were highly upset, as […]

The fallout and denial that Melania Trump plagiarized First lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, continues with Actor/Activist Jesse Williams. Williams took to Twitter creating the hashtag #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes, where he used famous quotes from history while crediting Melania. Its something to talk about around the water cooler today and makes for a great read.

A petition was recently launched in an effort to get Williams fired from the ABC show Grey's Anatomy.

If you are a Drake fan, then you know just how much he loves the ladies and never hesitates to show his appreciation for them, whether it be in his music or fashion choices. Never one to shy away from proclaiming just how awesome black women are, Drizzy was seen wearing a T-shirt that declared […]

Sigh. Talk about 'Clueless.' Stacey Dash continues to prove she shouldn’t be allowed to speak, especially in a public forum.

In case you missed it, Justin Timberlake got DRAGGED by Black Twitter on Sunday night after tweeting about Jesse Williams’ epic speech. Read More: Jesse Williams Was Dropping Truth Bombs At Last Night’s BET Awards After Jesse Williams spoke about police brutality and cultural appropriation, Justin showed support for what Williams said: What’s the problem […]

It’s still trending on social media. My mom sent me several links on Facebook. It was all over the news on TV, on radio and online. People were asking me about it wherever I went. What am I talking about? “This award – this is not for me. This is for the real organizers all […]