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Breakups are difficult enough, but imagine seeing your ex with their new boo! That’s rough! This man took it so hard that he began throwing biscuits and yelling racial slurs. Police say that the biscuits were so hard that they caused injury to his ex. The man was arrested and injured himself by banging his […]

Let us rewind on the whole Lauryn Hill vs. Robert Glasper saga, shall we? Glasper came on the Madd Hatta Morning Show and decided to tell Hatta and company about his experiences in the industry. Of course, the biggest name from this? Lauryn Hill. Glasper told Hatta about Hill, “She likes to take credit so […]

Attorneys representing former NFL player Desmond Marrow accused the police of a cover up in their excessive force law suit.

One year after Hurricane Harvey, thousands of families are still struggling to put their lives back together. You can still help out by donating. Let’s REPRESENT for Houston.

On the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, Houston Texans DE JJ Watt shared on Instagram a message for fans as well as those who were wondering how exactly the $41.6 million dollars he raised during last August’ storm was dispersed. https://twitter.com/TexansPR/status/1034067669312577536 Watt’s $41.6 million raised was the largest crowdsourced fundraiser in history. His work in […]

According to Jacksonville Police, there was a mass shooting at a Madden video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida which ended in multiple fatalities. The shooting took place at a downtown shopping center at Jacksonville Landing in the GLHF Game Bar. The Jacksonville Landing area is an open shopping hub with many restaurants, stores and bars. The […]

A woman fell victim to job scammers who hurled a racial slur at her.

Apparently Atlanta does OTR II a little differently than other cities. Multiple reports state a fan attempted to jump on stage as Jay-Z and Beyonce were walking off Saturday night, prompting dancers to run after the fan and a fight escalating. During the performance of “Apesh*t,” a fan brazenly got on stage for a moment, […]

The French Tennis Federation president is getting backlash.