Is it time to upgrade your phone? Are you sitting around asking yourself, what the heck is an app and how do I join the cool club and get a few? If this sounds familiar that you may need to head in the direction of the Android phone. There may only be one or two […]

VIA: CNN.COM Web search engines make our lives easier: They connect us with what we’re searching for in a matter of seconds, and sometimes they bring us to places we didn’t even know we were looking for. But they can also teach us a lot about ourselves, as more than half of adult internet users […]

At Google’s annual I/O conference on Thursday, the search giant announced that it is leading a group of companies, including Sony and Intel, in an effort called Google TV. Google’s Android software, originally developed for smartphones, will power the new service, set to run on a range of high-definition TVs and devices that connect to […]