Fayetteville students at Jack Britt High School received a disturbing email from a fake account this week. The email was designed to look like it was from the school’s principal. The email mentioned feces and a racial slur, according to reports. “Luckily our kids and our staff know that’s not the way I deal with […]

According to multiple sources, Steve Harvey REALLY doesn’t want his television show staff approaching him in the hallways or in his dressing room. A memo that is allegedly from Harvey surfaced this morning and it establishes some…interesting ground rules for his new staff at the show’s new Los Angeles location.       Follow Karen […]

Utilizing your work computer for personal reasons may not always be the best decision. Most companies have work policies against employees visiting certain websites and/or…

Social media is very necessary these days for the edification of most businesses, both big and small. It not only is a cost effective means…

Have you noticed a change in your Facebook account? Facebook said it is giving users email addresses ,because they feel that many users find it useful to connect with each other. It would have been nice if Facebook asked permission. What are your thoughts? Facebook

If you receive a phone call or e-mail informing you that you’ve won the lottery. Its all a scam. nbc17 Read More