We were already angry when we heard the story of Dr. Tisha Rowe being forced to cover herself with a blanket on a flight from Jamaica to Miami. Apparently, the crew thought that her attire on the plane was inappropriate. But seeing her speak out about it on GMA this morning made our blood boil […]

The health benefits of apples include fighting dental problems, diabetes, heart disease, at least 8 types of cancer, and some say maybe even Alzheimer's.

Whoa. A Black, female doctor took to social media to share her story of being denied access to a sick man on a plane. She says that it seems that the flight attendant on the Delta flight didn’t seem to believe she was a doctor.         Follow Karen Clark on Social Media […]

What's more, Morton will begin his residency at the same hospital where he was saved.

Don’t make your girlfriend mad. A prominent Houston oncologist is accused of attempting to poison a colleague whom she was dating by lacing his coffee with a chemical used in antifreeze. Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, 42, was charged with aggravated assault of a family member after she allegedly put ethylene glycol, often found in antifreeze, […]

A South Florida woman posing as a doctor was arrested Thursday and charged in the death of a woman who died after authorities said her body was pumped with unknown toxic substances during a buttocks-enhancement surgery. Shatarka Nuby, a 31-year-old mother, paid a woman known as “Dutchess” hundreds of dollars to come to her house […]

VIA: CNN.COM The decomposed body of a California doctor was found lodged in her boyfriend’s chimney, several days after she had apparently attempted to get inside his home, police said. Internist Jacquelyn Kotarac, 49, had been reported missing on Thursday, Bakersfield, California, police said in a statement Tuesday. Her body was found lodged in the […]

VIA: CNN.COM A simple, five-minute conversation with parents during their baby’s regularly scheduled 9-month checkup can help their child stop bottle-feeding, according to new research released Monday. It’s an important step because prolonged use of the bottle can lead to tooth decay and nutritional deficiencies in young children. Waiting later can make it harder to […]