Do you want to keep your debit card information safe from thieves? Check out the list of places where using your debit card could put your financial information at risk.       Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark Twitter/Snapchat: @The_KarenClark

Uh-oh. There’s been another data breach and this time it was at the popular restaurant Chili’s. According to the report, the data breach occurred in some Chili’s restaurants in March and April. According to the News & Observer, the customer data may have been gathered via malware.       Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: […]

If you’ve purchased gas at the pump from the Circle K on Sunset Avenue in Rocky Mount this past week, you should check your credit card statement. Circle K employees found credit card skimmers on two of their gas pumps this past Tuesday. According to the Rocky Mount Telegram: Police recommend that anyone who may […]

We’re accustomed to hearing stories about credit card skimmers being placed on gas pumps outside of gas stations. But this time, a local station was targeted with a skimmer inside the store.       Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark Twitter/Snapchat: @The_KarenClark  

Shopping on- line on Cyber Monday has it’s advantages and disadvantage.  You  avoid crowds, but it also opens the buyer up to attacks from scams and hackers. In order to fight the  Grinch  use precaution when shopping on-line. Be cautious of the following: 1. Bargain emails offering  gift cards and coupon deals –You’ll get a lot […]

The P.F. Chang’s China Bistro restaurant chain says it is investigating a security breach at 33 locations across the U.S. – including a local restaurant— The Streets at Southpoint Mall on Fayetteville Road in Durham. In Durham, the breach affects customers who used their debit or credit cards at P.F. Chang’s between Feb. 21 and June […]

27-year-old Ryan Greer racked up one large bill with a stolen credit card. According to reports, Greer ran up a $20,000 bill at the Townsend…

SmartPhones are looking to take over our lives.They’ve replaced a multitude of every day items and soon they could replace the plastic you carry in your wallet. Wireless payment solutions are just around the corner. Both Visa and MasterCard announced plans to allow their customers to use their smartphones to pay for in-store purchases. usatoday […]

Someone stole Tyler Perry’s credit card information and went on a shopping spree. Obviously the authorities are involved at this point. This is what they spent off Tyler’s credit card: TOTAL: $28,492.22 4/25/10 – Southwest Airlines – M. Woods (Burbank-Las Vegas) – $3.00 4/25/10 – Southwest Airlines – M. Woods (Burbank-Las Vegas) – $158.70 4/28/10 […]