“Everyone who gets a COVID-19 vaccination is a winner! They protect themselves, their loved ones and others from severe illness, hospitalization and death. Millions of people have already taken the vaccines. These summer cash drawings add another reward to the many that come with getting a COVID-19 vaccination.” —Dr. Mandy Cohen, Secretary of NCDHHS. It’s […]

There is no way around the connection between spending and saving money. In short, the less you spend the more you can save.

A few drivers traveling Interstate 40, filled their wallets with some quick cash when the door of an armored truck opened and cash fell out. A Loomis armored truck was traveling east on I-40 near U.S. 1 when the back door opened when an employee tried to secure it. A brick of money fell from […]

It’s Christmas morning! What did Santa bring you? Or maybe you just got something great from your sweetie. What was it?!?! A new cell phone? Jewelry? A new car? Cash?

A Kershaw woman is accused of attempting to deliver contraband, including razor knives and ecstasy pills, to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, according to a release from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office issued Monday. Shareca Latoya Jones, 28, has been charged with trafficking cocaine, distribution of a controlled substance, providing contraband to an inmate, […]

VIA: WNCN.COM A customer at a North Carolina Krispy Kreme restaurant got something even sweeter than a dozen hot glazed: $5,000 in cash. Multiple media outlets report that a clerk at a Krispy Kreme in Fayetteville accidentally handed over a box of doughnuts that also contained the store’s cash receipts on Friday. Police said before […]