A Philadelphia couple exchanged vows on Saturday and then joined protesters at city hall. Dressed in their nuptial attire, Kerry-Anne and Michael Gordon joined a group of protesters who chanted “Black Lives Matter.” The couple joined hands and held up fists.     “It ended up being a very powerful moment,” Kerry-Anne Gordon, 35, told […]

Over the summer, Black girls around the world hollered “Yaaasss!” as stunning pictures of Nakyia’s wedding hit the Web. Everyone was immediately grabbed by the striking image of her and all of her bridesmaids rocking their natural hair. But this wasn’t some fortuitous photo up. There’s a real couple behind the snaps, and Hello Beautiful […]

An Indian bride walked out of her wedding after the groom failed a math test. Her question: What is 15 + 6? His response: 17 The groom’s family tried to convince the bride to stay and marry the him, but she refused. She felt that the groom’s family had misled her about his education. Most […]

Ooops, a Arizona groom drops bride on wedding day while running to their wedding reception, sending them both crashing onto a cement walkway. The bride says she didn’t feel the impact. What a way to cement their relationship!!!! Watch video below.

Soooooo….this happened. A Tennessee woman got married and secured her one-month old infant to the train of her gown for the walk down the aisle. Here’s a close-up of her Facebook photo:     The bride posted a statement on her Facebook page: People questioning what we do, commenting all negative, and just doing the […]

OMG! You’ve gotten THE RING!!!! Finally! Ok. Now what? Most brides do a couple of things first. I’ve seen brides who run to the store and buy every wedding magazine on the shelf. Some brides immediately start trying on dresses. Others start zipping from one side of town to another to scope out their potential […]

Foxy’s Karen Clark will be offering a FREE wedding planning seminar at the Orange County Main Library in Hillsborough on Saturday, May 12 at 10AM. Are you planning a wedding? Are you stressed out about how to pull all of the details together? Are you concerned that you’ll select the wrong vendors? Are you worried […]

There’s one thing I hear from brides ALL THE TIME: “I don’t want my wedding to be a hot mess!” Everyone’s been to a wedding (or at least seen one on YouTube) that falls into this category. After you spend all of the time and money planning the big day, you absolutely do not want […]

It’s a week of wedding planning advice for the newly engaged! If you’re one of those brides, we’ve created a blueprint for your first few steps. So, you’ve identified your budget and you’ve created your guest list. Perfect! Your next step should be to invest in a wedding planner. Now, before you start thinking, “I […]

Bride gets ready for solo honeymoon. reuters Read More

VIA: WRAL.COM One Missouri groom gave his bride-to-be a perfect token of his love: a $250,000-winning lottery ticket. Robert Russell surprised his betrothed, 30-year-old Tracie Rogers, with the early wedding gift. The scratch card surprised them both with its bounty. MORE