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Just when you though the long-standing beef/feud/drama/pettiness between Brandy and Monica had come to an end, today another installment in the saga emerged. Coming on the heels of Monica’s appearance on the season premiere of The Real where she spoke of how she felt about Brandy response to not joining the #SoGoneChallenge of her 2003 […]

Monica Brown is un-phased and un-bothered by celebrity drama.

Ray J is going into the beauty business, and he's taking his new wife with him.

Brandy brought the best gift to her little brother’s wedding — a special serenade to the bride and groom! The 37-year-old took the stage at their California reception and belted out an Etta James classic, that literally left the Ray J and Princess Love in awe. Watch below: While you don’t see her in this clip, we’re […]

The Year is 1994 and tonight we’re taking you on a trip. Call us up with your best memories from 94’ at 844-258-8762. Of course we’re taking your requests and dedications so visit our Facebook page Love And R&B with John Monds and let’s connect. How can you forget the whole OJ Simpson spectacle that ended […]

Brandy got the surprise of her life when she found that she was in the inspiration behind one of Instagram’s hidden gems. Hipster Barbie can have a seat because Brandy Barbie is the newest doll slaying in these Instagram streets at the moment. When Brandy got word of the account, which tells the style story […]

I’ve been a music head since I was a child. My mom would play music all day and all night. Our boom box was always loaded with Whitney Houston, Regina Belle and Stephanie Mills. Every once in a while my mom would turn on the radio and allow me to listen to some of the […]

Even stars felt like Beyonce snatched their wigs on Sunday night. Check out Brandy’s Instagram post.    

  Zoe Ever After follows the story of Zoe Moon, played by Grammy award winning singer Brandy, as she tries to step out of the…