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5 Affirmation Decks You Should Own

Source: Kareem Porter / Kareem Porter

If you want to train your brain to think more positively or improve your self-care routine, then affirmation decks are for you. These cards are inscribed with empowering statements to help boost self-worth, reduce stress, shift negative energy, and promote a healthy mindset.

The decks typically consist of cards with uplifting messages that individuals can read and reflect on daily. They encourage daily affirmation practices that help you set productive intentions and manifest your goals. If you’re not great at creating personal affirmations, affirmation decks will help you tremendously.

Affirmation decks play an essential role in my self-care routine. As I strive to grow my self-confidence and level up in life, I’ve been intentionally filling my space with self-help tools that assist me with balancing my energy, going inward, and motivating myself to be my best.

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If I’m not meditating, journaling my thoughts, or finding solace in a spiritual book, I’m shuffling my affirmation deck, choosing a card, and reading the saying on the card aloud – allowing the words to marinate in my spirit and space. I even have a deck for my two-year-old son, which informs him of his greatness and helps him cultivate a positive sense of self early.

5 Affirmation Decks You Should Own

Source: Courtesy of Samjah Iman

Affirmation Decks Are Multi-purposeful

Affirmation decks are multi-purposeful and can be used at gatherings, make great gifts, and add serenity to your home décor. You can also utilize them in educational settings or at retreats.

Whether you seek motivation to achieve your goals, want to enhance your self-care routine, or learn ways to flow through life peacefully, there’s a deck for you. Get into five affirmation decks below that will enhance your life.

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1. Introvert in the City’s “Mindful Moon Deck,” “Love Notes Deck,” and “Moon Child Deck”

Introvert N the City is all about blissful energy. The brand has created three affirmation decks to uplift, empower, and enhance self-esteem. The “Mindful Moon Deck” (also available in Spanish) includes 50 cards that aim to provide inspiration, motivation, and accountability. The “Love Notes Deck” represents universal love and can be used to shower your partner (or yourself) with fondness and endearment. The brand’s “Moon Child Deck” assists with nurturing the self-esteem of children ages 4-14. Inspire healthy self-talk or set the tone for the day with cards that read, “I am safe and protected.”

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2. Something About Sundays’ “Controversy Cards”

The “Controversy Cards” by Something About Sundays are perfect for creating intentional conversation and fostering connections. The deck has 70 heart-centered questions and a curated playlist to set the mood for a serene, fun night filled with in-depth, honest dialogue.

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3. She Got The Juice’s “You Got The Power Bold Belief Card Deck”

She Got The Juice’s “You Got The Power” is a bold belief card deck of 50 premium-quality belief cards. These cards are specifically designed to encourage their readers to level upon confidence, resilience, and unapologetic empowerment. The cards are powerful reminders that we have everything within us we need to succeed.

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4. The Nap Ministry’s “Rest Deck”

The Nap Ministry is all about laying down. The brand promotes rest as a spiritual practice that is our birthright. The brand defies capitalistic standards and uses rest as a weapon to fight against the debilitating hustle culture. Their “Rest Deck” includes daily reminders of why our relaxation practice should be on 10.

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5. Self-Care Suite’s “Morning Mantras Deck”

The “Morning Mantras” curated by the Self-Care Suite focuses on shifting your mindset from negative to positive. It aims to encourage its users to develop a more productive relationship with themselves. Start your day off with one of these cards to help set beautiful intentions for the day.

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