Apple's just-released iPhone 15 is too hot to handle... literally.  As reported by MacRumors (via WRAL TechWire), the tech giant is blaming a software bug and other issues tied to popular apps like Uber and Instagram for the newest model's overheating issues. 

Despite reporting a bigger-than-expected loss in Q1, the Triangle-based tech company is doubling up on their investment in A.I.


Google’s mixup of Luther Vandross and Master P was ironic since the search engine stouted itself in its own 2023 Diversity Annual Report as meeting “its Racial Equity Commitment." The post Google’s Luther Vandross-Master P Photo Flub Spotlights Its Own ‘Racial Equity Commitment’ Failure appeared first on NewsOne.


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Okay, we can all attest to the power that Janet Jackson possesses in her music… but we didn’t know it was THIS powerful! Apparently, there is a certain song in her iconic catalog that can cause certain Windows laptops to crash. Seriously! Let us explain. In a recent blog post, Microsoft’s principal software engineer Raymond Chen […]

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Charles C. Johnson, a right-wing troll banned from Twitter over allegations he tried to incite deadly violence against former BLM leader Deray Mckesson, is reportedly expecting his account to be restored once Elon Musk's $43 billion purchase of the social media app becomes official. The post Right-Wing Twitter Troll Banned For Wanting To ‘Take Out’ Ex-BLM Leader Expects Account Restored Once Elon Musk Takes Over appeared first on NewsOne.