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Ms. Stephanie Mills had some words for Kanye West and Nick Cannon amid West’s apparent run for president.

The singer and stage legend took to Instagram to get her feelings off her chest. She started by expressing empathy for West, who has bipolar disorder.

“First, I know that Kanye is suffering mentally. I know that he’s swinging high and low and I really pray and hope that he gets help,” she started. “But I must say that I’m disappointed because if he’s trying to help our community by running for president, it’s not helping our community. He’s not qualified to be president. Neither is the person at the White House at this time.”

Mills then turned her attention to Nick Cannon, who recently told TMZ that he “loves” the idea of Kanye running for president and that he would vote for him at the polls.

“You I don’t understand,” Mills said in her video. “For you to come out and do what you did, like supporting Kanye, what is that?”

Mills continued:

“I don’t understand it. Kanye’s being paid to do what he’s doing. Now are we to believe that you’re also being paid to be a distraction? You guys are acting like little boys in a sandbox with toys. But being that you’re acting like that, as a mother, I would like to say, take your toys go home and sit down and get help. Get therapy.”

Mills further explained how people were suffering during this time due to the coronavirus pandemic and high unemployment.

“Nick you should know better because you’ve learned and listened to the teachings. So you should know better,” Mills said. “We have no time for you two to be out here acting like little paid slaves. I said it.”


West’s campaign for president has been full of controversy since he announced his running on July 4. For the past couple of weeks, he’s been trying to collect signatures in different states so he can get on the ballot.

However, states like Wisconsin are calling out West, saying he’s late in submitting signatures. According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, their state Democratic Party filed a complaint on Friday requesting state officials block West from appearing on Wisconsin’s presidential ballot this November. They even said West has various problems with his nomination papers, including incorrect addresses for circulators and bogus signatures like “Mickey Mouse” and “Bernie Sanders”. Affidavits are included from six individuals saying they were duped into putting their names on West’s paperwork.

“If the affidavits are true … crimes were committed by the West campaign,” explained attorney Michael Maistelman, who collected the affidavits for the state Democratic Party.

On top of all this, Republicans have been helping West get on the presidential ballots as a third party candidate. The New York Times wrote that it’s “increasingly looking like an operation run by President Trump’s allies and Republican activists that is aimed at diverting votes from Joseph R. Biden Jr.

“The strategy became overt on Tuesday, when Lane Ruhland, a lawyer who has worked for the Trump campaign, delivered ballot signatures to Wisconsin elections officials on behalf of the West campaign,” reported the Times.

The report continued:

“Several other people active in the party are connected to Mr. West’s candidacy. One operative, Mark Jacoby, is an executive at a company called Let the Voters Decide, which has been collecting signatures for the West campaign in Ohio, West Virginia and Arkansas. Mr. Jacoby was arrested on voter fraud charges in 2008 while he was doing work for the California Republican Party, and he later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.”

There’s no word on whether Kanye has been getting paid by Republicans to get on the ballots as Ms. Mills seemed to insinuate. However, considering the messiness of his campaign so far, more investigations could be on the way.


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