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Welcome to Durham County Library’s 2020 Summer of Learning! Join us this summer for activities, prizes, and of course reading. Anyone is welcome to participate – we have programs available for kids (ages 0-11), teens (ages 12-17), and adults (ages 18+).

In this year’s program, you can earn points by reading (1 minute read = 1 point), or by completing activities like joining a virtual library program or trying an experiment at home (20 points per activity). Learn more about eligible activities here. Points can only be earned between June 13 and August 9, 2020.

There are several ways you can participate and keep track of your points – choose the one that works best for you:

  1. Online: sign up through Beanstack, and track your reading and minutes online. There’s also a Beanstack app available to make logging more convenient (search the app store on your device). More about using Beanstack >.
  2. Paper: pick up a paper tracker at the library, or download and print your own. [trayectoria

    de actividades, español] Color in the suns to record your reading and activities. When you’re done, bring it to the library or email Library staff will enter your information so you qualify to earn prizes.

  3. DIY: if you run into trouble logging your learning online or on the printable tracker, you can still participate by designing your own. Be sure to include all the following information:
    • First & last name
    • For readers in grades K-12, your grade and school
    • Age (If you’re an adult, you can just say 18+)

    Next, design how you will record you learning. You can simply make a list or get more creative. Some ideas:

    • Make one column with the day’s date, followed by a column with a book title, followed by the number of minutes spent reading
    • Draw a flower and color in the petals each time you read 20 minutes or accomplish a learning activity
    • Draw triangles, stars, circles, squares, or another shape and color one in each time you read 20 minutes or complete an activity

    When you’ve tracked 500 minutes of summer learning, snap a picture of your creation and send it to so a librarian can record your progress!

For even more fun, you can also check out these activity sheets:

More details about the Summer of Learning >



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