Beyonce 'The Formation World Tour' - Santa Clara

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

Beyonce performed at the festival formerly known as Coachella over the weekend. The name has now been appropriately updated to Beychella. Please make note.

Before we begin, let’s please recognize her name(s.)

She gave us the Black National Anthem.

She called out Coachella for making her the first ever Black woman to headline the festival.

She gave us an HBCU halftime show.

She gave us the dance break that we’re all trying to recreate in the bathroom mirror.

She swag surfed.

She gave us a step show.

She danced with her little sister!

She reunited Destiny’s Child.

And after it was all over, she donated $100k to HBCUs.

And Twitter was here for all of it.



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