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Every day, Liam and I go out for a walk around the neighborhood. It gives him a chance to get away from the TV, gadgets and toys. Also, he gets to explore the stuff that kids love like rocks, sticks, birds and the occasional panhandler asking for money to buy lottery tickets.

Liam always gets compliments on how cute he is regardless of my incompetence in dressing him. Sometimes, I’ll get inspired and hit a homerun with his outfit and then there are the times when my styling skills are an epic fail. On more than a few occasions, I’ve put his shirt on backwards, put his shoes on the wrong foot or forgot to wipe the dried tears from his last tantrum.

Luckily, I never make it out of the building before a woman (most always a mother) will notice and laugh hysterically as she points out my screw-up. I have to admit, I feel lucky to have had a son and not because of any gender preference, but because there are certain appearance laws you can break when you have a boy.

All the little girls in our neighborhood are always dressed like it’s either Easter Sunday or the first day of school. It’s like a professional stylist was brought in to make sure every hair and outfit is in place. Take Liam’s crush “Behbee” for example ( you can read about her in the “Guppy Love” column). She never looks bad even if she’s outside jumping in dirt mounds. Unless they’re going on a special outing, the little boys in the building tend to look more like extras in a Kendrick Lamar video.

Why is it that girls have to have their look together in order to avoid a visit from Child Services, but with a boy, you can trot him around in a diaper and baby slippers and be just fine? Shouldn’t little girls have the same freedom to be a hot mess without their parents being viewed as savages?

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