Darryl George was sent to a disciplinary school after being suspended for more than a month over his choice to wear locs. The post Black Student Suspended For Locs Sent To Disciplinary School For ‘Failure To Comply’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Wash– First thing is first, properly wash your hair! Get to the scalp; massage it . I do suggest a shampoo that is Sulfate Free. Condition- Comb the conditioner throughout your hair. Make sure you comb starting at the ends first and up to the roots. Then, rinse. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Leave-In Conditioner– Combine […]

Hair. We’re talking about hair?? That was our response when we heard about Black girls at a charter school in Massachusetts being banned from participating in track, the Latin club, the prom and being sent to detention all because of their natural styles. School leaders said that their braids were in violation of the school’s […]

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First Lady Michelle Obama elicits some strong reactions on social media when she rocks her natural hair.


Our favorite FLOTUS is #TeamNatural.

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Jaylon Sewell is a good kid. Just 16 years old, he’s an active leader in his local church, a good student, and manager for the football team at Neville High School in Monroe, Louisiana. Suddenly, he’s found himself in a deeply unfamiliar place after deciding to live a little and dye the top of his […]

Halle Berry debuted a natural hairstyle at the 2017 Oscars. We're showing you styles the beauty should try!

Over the summer, Black girls around the world hollered “Yaaasss!” as stunning pictures of Nakyia’s wedding hit the Web. Everyone was immediately grabbed by the striking image of her and all of her bridesmaids rocking their natural hair. But this wasn’t some fortuitous photo up. There’s a real couple behind the snaps, and Hello Beautiful […]

  Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Malyia McNaughton, the model whose natural hair segment on the Today Show went viral for all the wrong reasons. “I didn’t have a monitor to look at so I didn’t know anything went wrong. I just knew that it didn’t feel right. I didn’t know until I took a picture […]

Imagine you get a call from the Today Show producers to model in their beauty segment live on television.   That’s exactly what happened for Malyia McNaughton last week. She met with YouTube celebrity Deepica Mutyala to prepare for their summer hairstyles that could be mastered in 60 seconds segment. The two mapped out a plan about which style […]

For on fleek hair, Lakisha Brown knows moisture is key.


Does natural hair make a difference in your job search? Minutes away from jumping off the deep end at my recruiting job, I got a call from a hiring manager about a corporate human resources position. As a recruiter, I knew I needed to do some research to decide whether or not I’d take this […]