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The speculation regarding where President Obama’s library would be constructed has officially come to an end. The Barack Obama Foundation announced yesterday morning that the presidential library will be built in the South Side of Chicago. “All the strands of my life came together, and I really became a man when I moved to Chicago,” said President Obama in an announcement on YouTube. “That’s where I was able to apply that early idealism to try to work in communities in public service.” The Barack Obama Foundation will soon decide which Chicago park the library will be built in. Read more.

Nepal Hit By Another Natural Disaster

It’s been over two weeks since an earthquake hit Nepal and claimed the lives of nearly 8,000 people. While locals are still dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy, another natural disaster has struck in the area again. According to reports, an earthquake with a 7.3 magnitude occurred near the town Namche Bazaar, which isn’t too far from Mount Everest. It has claimed the lives of nearly 29 people and injured over 1,000. The quake was reportedly felt in parts of Bangladesh and northern India. Read more.

Tom Brady Caught Up In ‘Deflategate’

NFL star Tom Brady is in hot water after it was discovered he was indeed involved in the “deflategate” scandal. The New England Patriots used under-inflated footballs during the AFC Championship Game this past season. Brady, who serves as a quarterback on the team, will be suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2015 regular season. “As you know, we regard violations of competitive rules as significant and deserving of a strong sanction, both to punish the actual violation and to deter misconduct in the future,” wrote NFL Executive President Troy Vincent in a letter. “In this case, the footballs were intentionally deflated in an effort to provide a competitive advantage to Tom Brady after having been certified by the game officials as being in compliance with the playing rules.” Read more.

Miss Universe Japan Breaks Racial Barriers

Ariana Miyamoto, a woman of African-American and Japanese descent, used the Miss Universe Japan beauty contest as a platform to break racial barriers. She was inspired to enter the competition after one of her biracial friends committed suicide. After Miyamoto won the crown, she endured the same type of criticism and prejudice that led her friend to take her own life; but it only motivated her to push through with making a statement. “I was prepared for the criticism. I’d be lying to say it didn’t hurt at all. I’m Japanese — I stand up and bow when I answer the phone. But that criticism did give me extra motivation,” she said. “The reason I took part in the pageant was my friend’s death. My goal was to raise awareness of racial discrimination. Now I have a great platform to deliver that message as the first black Miss Universe Japan.” Read more.


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