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up balloons

Remember the movie “Up?” The movie where the little old man’s house is moved by bunches of balloons?

A Raleigh, NC man is trying to recapture the essence of the movie…or at least the part with the balloons. He is trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean with the assistance of helium balloons, according to WRAL.

But within 24 hours of lift-off, Jonathan Trappe was grounded and his plans to cross the ocean were put on hold.

Trappe, an IT manager from Raleigh, lifted off using more than 300 helium-filled balloons with a goal of spending up to a week riding wind currents that could take him to northern Africa or Norway.

Trappe’s goal is to float across the ocean. He completed a trip across the English Channel in 2010.

We will keep  you posted when he tries again!

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