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The foolery on “Single Ladies” continues with Raquel and Antonio’s hot and steamy relationship going strong, or at least it looks that way on the outside. The two text and sext each other all day long, with a little help from Keisha of course, and it looks as if all is well in Raquel’s world right now. That us until Antonio drops the bomb on her that he has an addiction to sex, which would explain why he’s be reluctant to sleeping with her lately. Raquel vows to help him get over his addiction, even if it means no sex with her hot and steamy boyfriend for a while. He tells her that he has a 12-step plan and now he has to go six months without having sex again, since he gave in when he met her. Raquel tells him that she cares about him and is willing to go the distance, that is until his addiction leads him into temptation and he tells her that he had sex with another woman. He assures her that he doesn’t want to hurt her, and thinks it’s best that the two go their separate ways. It was fun while it lasted.

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Keisha had made plans to leave Malcolm and move everything out of his place, but while she’s their, they decide to say goodbye “their” way which includes, well, having sex. After they’re done, Malcolm doesn’t think that Keisha will seriously leave him, but she proves him all the way wrong when she tells him to take one last look at her butt as she walks away.

Now that Keisha has her super rich boyfriend out of her life, she’s looking for LEGAL ways to make money. She’s moved back into Val’s old apartment which Raquel owns now, and she’s began taking up real estate. When she goes and visits one of the empty homes that’s in foreclosure, she finds out that the home isn’t empty after all but actually has a boxer named Joe living there. Joe is training for his big boxing match, but since he just broke up with his girlfriend and his manager, he has no money and can’t afford an apartment. He offers to help fix up the place for sale if Keisha will let him stay there. Keisha agrees, at least for the time being, until she finds someone that wants to buy the house and tells Joe that he’s got to go. After Joe refuses to leave the place, Keisha calls her lawyer friend, Sean, and he forces Joe out of the house. I guess Sean is good for something! Sean is still making passes at Kesia and tells her that whenever she’s ready for a new relationship, he’s there for her. How cute! Keisha isn’t ready to jump back into a relationship mainly because Malcolm just won’t leave the picture, especially when he shows up at her door unannounced and the two do “what they do best”.

Poor April isn’t having this much luck with the fellas this episode, actually, she’s not having any luck at all. After being awoken by her naughty next door neighbors in the middle of the night, the battery’s to her “toy” being dead, and finding out the guy she was interested in at the bar has a girlfriend already, she decides to just focus on her and Keisha’s friendship, which she feels is changing ever since Val left the picture. Keisha assures her that they are friends forever, despite Val leaving and Raquel being in the picture now.

“This Would Be Easier To Explain If You Were In Rehab”, “Single Ladies” [RECAP]

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