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These 5 tips are to help people embrace Mother’s Day by nurturing the memory of their mother’s spirit, even though they no longer have her physical presence. My Mom transitioned to the spiritual realm in 1998 and each year I seek solutions to coping with the emotions of Mother’s day. This year it feels really warm and fuzzy to “nurture” the memory of my Mom’s spirit. Nurture the memory of the spirit of mothers, mother’s in law, grandmothers, and mother like figures in your life for this Mother’s Day.

Tips To Nurture The Memory Of Mom’s Spirit On Mother’s Day:

1. Meditation and Prayer: is a wonderful way to nurture the memory of Mom’s spirit.  I meditated, prayed and cried for a few minutes on the spirit of my mother’s love.  Somehow I would get back the message to take care of myself.  I wondered how I could ever take care of myself, the way the spirit of my mother’s love nurtured me.  Meditation and prayer provide a connection to spirit.  The connection to the  “spirit” of my mother’s love that “nurtured” me made me feel warm and taken care of.   From that connection, I can take care of myself through this day designated for Mothers.  You might want to do this at her gravesite, a church, one of her favorite places or one of your favorite places.

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2. Her Spirit Lives On: I have a really hard time with the word “deceased” and “dead” when it comes to my Mom.  I don’t even like the phrase “I miss her” because it evokes sorrow for me.  “Honor” is nice but wasn’t feeling it this year.  “Celebrate” wasn’t the right fit for me either.  Nurturing the memory of her spirit living on is really comforting.

4. Live Her Spiritual Truths: You know what your Mama taught you about living right and enjoying life – nurture that.

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3. Visit Photo Albums / Videos: I just got finished screening a video biography that I had put together about my Mom.  I am so happy that I did this for myself, it was extremely nurturing to my soul. Technology has changed so much over the years and I need to upgrade from the VHS to the digital era – that is nurturing to the memory of her spirit.

4. Set Aside An Alter: Light a candle, select fresh flowers, frame a favorite picture and or wear something of hers. These are all ways to actively nurture the memory of Mom’s spirit.

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5. Bring Mom Up In Conversation With Friends And Family: My aunt called while I was writing this article and it was wonderful to share with her my emotions toward the memories of my Mom.  She provided additional nurturing toward her memory.  For the younger family members it is delightful to share the spirit of my Mom through social network sites like

Mother’s Day this year also happens to be the birthday of myself and my, two years younger, sister.  Therefore, growing up it was a day of celebration all the way around.  Yes, there will be birthday celebrations after I take the time to nurture myself with the memory of my Mom’s spirit

Is there a tip that you have to nurture the memory of Mom’s spirit.  Please leave a comment below to nurture the memory of your special Mom’s spirit.

Sending positive vibes to Elev8Robin Downes

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