Who among us can draw a butt on their nose, make it twerk to Rhianna’s “Work,” and get 31-million hits on social media? That’s exactly what happened when an anonymous RiRi fan drew a tiny butt on her nose. The girl used the sides of her nose, her index finger and the tip of her […]

She may be a superstar and a Black Girl Magic icon, but when it comes to "work work work work work," Debbie Allen is every woman.

It’s impossible to NOT dance when you hear Rihanna’s hit song Work. And Debbie Allen is no exception to the rule. Matter of fact, we’d much rather watch Debbie dance to it than most people. Check out the video that Ellen Pompeo captured on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.      Remember her dance moments on Fame?    

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Looks like SNL got it wrong. All white people aren’t losing their minds over Beyonce’s Formation. Take a look.                            

Rihanna’s new video for “Work” is here. It features Drake. And it’s probably the first video about work that you shouldn’t actually watch while at work. Because she’s not talking about that kind of work. But you’re probably going to watch it anyway, aren’t you? At least turn your computer screen around. SMH.    

Of course you want to be good at your job and a reliable contact who responds promptly to professional communication. But being too attached to…