Singer Gloria Gaynor says, “It only takes 20 seconds to “SURVIVE”! The Grammy award-winning singer posted a viral TikTok challenge to encourage people to wash their hands amid the corona virus outbreak. As the corona virus continues to spread, the focus on proper health precautions has become a priority. The “I Will Survive” chorus is […]

More than 40 people fell sick and 19 were hospitalized in Charlotte this week after consuming food at a birthday party that was contaminated with feces.  According to reports, the contaminated food was prepared at someone’s home. Nineteen people have now been hospitalized. Read More: Eighteen People Hospitalized After Being Exposed To Feces At Birthday Party […]

Handshakes and high-fives are being replaced with fist and elbow bumps. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu activity has been elevated for the past four consecutive weeks. It is not too late to get vaccinated! The CDC continues to recommend influenza vaccination for those who have not had their annual flu […]