Imagine that you’re flying across country with your child and you find vomit in your child’s seat upon boarding your flight. You report the vomit to a member of the crew who allegedly tells you it’s not her job to clean the vomit. After a back and forth over the situation, you’re arrested and your […]

Beyonce gave a ‘secret’ performance outside of the Palms Casino Resort in Vegas Wednesday night. However, the performance didn’t remain secret for long because of social media. Queen Bey was reportedly paid a few million for the performance for a private tech party.    

Well, MiMi is proving critics wrong. As she prepares for her 2-month residency in Vegas, TMZ has released audio from Mariah’s dress rehearsal. And it seems like the the songstress who lost her voice over Christmas is all the way back.    

Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez may be getting her own Vegas residency where she will do lots of shows and make millions of dollars. But… It’s just been confirmed that Mariah Carey will be getting her own residency in Vegas and it starts this May. (In case you didn’t know, Mariah and J-Lo don’t […]

TMZ is reporting that the comedian jumped the broom with his fiancée Nia Rivers on Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas. According to the website, the couple exchanged vows before four guests at a walk-in wedding chapel. Griffin reportedly purchased the $199 “Cherish Package,” which includes limo transportation, a bouquet for the bride, a boutonniere for […]

The cast members of this season’s “Celebrity Apprentice” came out to Las Vegas to celebrate their upcoming series premiere at Surrender Nightclub at the Encore over the weekend. Take a look: NeNe Leakes Joins Cast Of “Celebrity Apprentice” Details Revealed! What Caused The Drama Between NeNe Leakes & Star Jones

As much as I loved Usher from “My Way” to “Confessions” (*Lil’ Freak was hot*)I have come to a point where I would rather watch paint dry than watch him perform the same ole’ dance moves over and over again. Luckily for me Usher took a page out his tour book and stripped down to […]