Lebron James has been a star basketball player on the court and an even more impressive person off of it, and when you see the recent pictures published by Vanity Fair it's not hard to see why.


With all of the recent #BlackGirlMagic that has conquered Hollywood lately, it was perfectly fitting to have some of the most beautiful black women and also talented black actresses, all grace the cover of a major magazine. Vanity Fair has made a bold stance with its latest cover that features a healthy dose of unbridled […]

Well, we didn’t see this coming. Rachel Dolezal has a major star defending her race charade. Rihanna seems to empathize with Dolezal who is known best as pretending to be a black woman. In an article, the pop star tells Vanity Fair Magazine, “I think she was a bit of a hero, because she kind of […]

Rihanna landed a coveted spot on the latest cover of Vanity Fair, but that’s not what social media users were chattering about. Most comments were about her interview with the magazine where she called Rachel Dolezal a “hero.” Dolezal is the former Washington NAACP leader accused of lying about her race. From the New York Daily […]

It’s evident that Caitlyn Jenner absolutely owned her Vanity Fair cover shoot, but actress and transgender activist Laverne Cox says we should focus on more than…

We told you over the weekend that Bruce Jenner would appear as “Her” on the cover of Vanity Fair. Well, the cover has leaked (because nothing is a secret in the day of the internet.) Check out the behind-the-scenes video from the shoot.   And meet Caitlyn Jenner. Twitter reacts to Caitlyn:

Bruce Jenner will appear on the cover of Vanity Fair sometime this summer as a woman, according to Time Magazine. The stepfather of the Kardashian crew has been transitioning from male to female and recently sat down with Diane Sawyer to discuss the process. The photographs will be shot by famed celeb photographer Annie Leibovitz. […]

All of my friends have been insisting that the stories about Bill Cosby are dirty lies created by white women who want to destroy a black man’s legacy. Now that Beverly Johnson has come forward with a story about Cosby drugging her, do you believe that these other women may be telling the truth?   […]

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