Tiffany & Co

Beyoncé and Tiffany & C0. close out Paris Fashion Week 2022 with a private Party.

Monday, Tracee Ellis Ross sips her tea, while draped in Tiffany & Co jewelry. The company has announced Ellis Ross along with actress Anya Taylor-Joy and skier /model Eileen Gu as the new ambassadors of the 2021 Tiffany T1 campaign, entitled “Give Me the T.” Commenting on Tiffany & Co Instagram, “Thank you for this […]

Executives at Tiffany & Co., released a statement on Tuesday denying that the company ever manufactured slave chokers after an image appeared on Facebook of an exhibit at a museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “We are deeply troubled by the image circulating of a “slave collar” and can definitively assure you that this piece was not […]