An 11-year-old boy from South Carolina was spotted by a Charleston police officer behind the wheel of a car. The officer noted that the child was the only person vehicle. The boy told the officer that he had been driving for 3 hours and had gotten lost. According to a police spokesperson, the boy, “Told […]

Somebody’s getting fired. Over the weekend, Snapchat posted an ad asking users if they’d rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown.   Rihanna caught wind of the ad and weighed in, basically asking people to delete the app.   The company has since apologized for the incident. A Snapchat spokesperson told Sun Online: “The ad […]

Police have arrested 17-year-old Judah Alexander Dennis for making an online threat against students Garner Magnet High School last night via social media.       Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark Twitter/Snapchat: @The_KarenClark

Over the weekend, Beyonce released more photos of her pregnancy style. She also posted photos utilizing Snapchat filters which promptly sent fans into a frenzy as they try to figure out her secret Snapchat name.             Follow Karen Clark on Social Media Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark Twitter/Snapchat: @The_KarenClark

Even though Easter is weeks away, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are already in the holiday spirit.

A Pennsylvania police officer is out of a job after posting a photo of herself in uniform on Snapchat and adding a caption using the N-word. Melissa Adamson calls the photo a stupid mistake. (obviously) She went on to say, ““Everyone that knows me knows I don’t have a racist bone in my body. And people […]

It's been a month since the social-media scene was shaken up with the release of Instagram Stories.

It wasn't until later in the day when one of her friends sent out an alarming Snapchat: the waitress' selfie with the words, “I’m so hungover and have a section full of n----rs right now," captioned at the bottom.


On Tuesday, also #NationalSelfieDay, the First Lady joined Snapchat with the username FLOTUS.

A social media campaign has also launched with Tavonna's photo and the hashtag #stopbullying. Police are still investigating the teen's death at the time of reporting.

So, Usher posted this pic on Snapchat today.      

Naturally, many people are accusing the app of promoting blackface, while also pointing out that linking Bob to merely marijuana essentially ignores the wider reach of his legacy. Users took to Twitter to voice their frustrations.