Idris Elba says he's been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. Elba says he ain’t ever gettin’ married ever again.

What happens when two exes confront each other about cheating? The Scene explores the situation in a six minute video where a woman named Kourtney was cheated on multiple times. In a cringing, girl-what-are-you-doing kind of feeling, the two discussed what went wrong. Watch the emotional exchange below. Here’s how social media reacted. […]

Studies show, splitting the housework can lead to a greater sex life for couples, according to the Journal of Marriage and Family.

Congratulations! You and Bae are officially an item! After months (or weeks, no judgement here) of dating you two have made it official-official. You’re excited. And possibly even in love so, you naturally want to tell the world, right? Of course! You’ve group chatted all your closest friends so it’s time to make it social […]

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F*ck boys, F*ck boys. What you gonna do when they come for you?

How do men really feel about being in a committed relationship? Do you believe that men value relationships as much as women? In this “Man…