Republican Jody Greene, who said he's “sick of these Black bastards,” in reference to his Black deputies, defeated candidate Jason Soles. The post Racist NC Sheriff Jody Greene Wins Reelection After Resigning Over ‘Black Bastards’ Recording appeared first on NewsOne.

Actor Liam Neeson is insisting that he is not a racist after revealing that he once looked for a Black man to kill after being enraged when a close friend was raped. The actor recounted the situation while on a press tour for his new movie, Cold Pursuit, which is about revenge. “She handled the situation […]

Students at FGCU are reeling after "Kill N******," coupled with an image of a man hanging from a tree, was left on a campus whiteboard.

A Black woman recently tried to reserve a residence in Charlotte, N.C. via Airbnb. At first, her request was accepted, but the host, identified as Todd Warner, later rejected her. He then messaged her repeatedly with racial slurs. The woman was a 28-year-old student at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business. According to the request she […]

A detergent commercial has been circulating recently that shows a Chinese woman shoving a Black man into a washing machine and trapping him there until his skin is white. Obviously, folks are outraged at the blatant racism of the advertisement. The Black man appears to be flirting with the woman, but she doesn’t appear to […]

Former NBA player Etan Thomas, a Black man, took to social media to call out a woman who denied him a seat beside her on the train. Minutes later, she allowed a White man to sit beside her. Thomas noticed and asked her if she denied him the seat because he was a Black man. […]

As expected, the racists crawled out of their hiding places yesterday to share their thoughts about Harriet Tubman’s face being on the $20 bill.              

"It’s so contradictory to who we are and who we want to be," Ruff said, addressing the "wigga"-themed festivities. "Wigga," a combination of White and the n-word, is often used to refer to White people "acting Black" or irresponsibly appropriating Black dress and culture.

Knollenberg said he didn't intend to offend anyone with his comments. He also suggested he wasn't racist because he had a Black employee.

A Black protester at a Donald Trump rally in Birmingham, Ala. was allegedly assaulted after the GOP presidential hopeful ordered supporters to remove him from the event.

An eighth grader from Yorktown, Virginia has penned a heartbreaking letter about the racism he's faced at his middle school.

For over a year, the KKK and Anonymous have exchanged blows online. The first unhooding by the collective was last year during the Ferguson unrest.