police shooting

Last Monday The Knoxville News Sentinel reported that Regina Perkins called police on her daughter’s boyfriend, 17-year-old Anthony J. Thompson Jr. He was later shot and killed in the school bathroom by police. “I am so sorry, and I never meant for anything to happen to him,” Perkins said. “We are mourning, my daughter is […]

According to ABC11, Roxboro police officers were responding to a 911 call reporting an armed man “wearing a mask” was walking down the street. David Brooks Jr., 45, was shot, later died from his injuries. Police said there was a loaded sawed-off shotgun at the scene. No one has confirmed if Brooks was ever in […]

Thousands saw the shooting of Philando Castille via video live streamed to Facebook by his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds. But few have seen video of the moments before the tragic shooting until now. Video from the dash cam of Officer Jeronimo Yanez’s patrol car, was played several times to jurors during Yanez’s manslaughter trial. Yanez was […]

Rodney James Hess, 36, was fatally shot by a Tennessee police official on Thursday.

Footage from a body camera worn by Officer Sarah Stumler shows that Bruce Warrick was unarmed when she shot him.

Ferguson officials have missed crucial deadlines that were set by the Department of Justice in efforts to reform policing procedures.

The trial of the NYPD officer who fatally shot Ramarley Graham, an unarmed 18-year-old from the Bronx, is slated to begin on Tuesday.

Two officers who were involved in the death of Tamir Rice are facing disciplinary charges.

The police killed young Black men at a disproportionately high rate in 2016. It could escalate under Trump

Relatives of unarmed Fort Washington, Maryland, motorcyclist Terrence Sterling say an officer shot him in the neck and back.

Milwaukee prosecutors charge the ex-cop who fatally shot Sylville Smith with homicide. Video evidence shows that Smith threw away his weapon before being fatally shot.

Many are outraged that an officer under investigation for fatal shootings was returned to street duty. Officials claim it was a mistake.