VIA: CNN.COM A driver for the Valentine Cab Co. in Roosevelt, New York, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child after he kicked a young boy out of his cab Tuesday for not having any money, police said. Nassau County Police detectives say a 7-year-old boy with special needs was put into a […]

After skipping out on a New Year’s Eve gig back in ’08, Ne-Yo now owes a Baltimore club promoter an apology that’s worth $196,000. Plus we’ve got Usher’s new video when you read on… Remember that New Year’s Eve gig Ne-Yo was supposed to perform at back in 2008, but decided to just skip out […]

Via: Most of us are guilty of a few bad habits during our lifetimes. There’s eating too much of the fun stuff, not exercising enough to burn it off, and spending tomorrow’s paycheck today. Sure, getting fit and keeping a budget can be tough habits to keep, but avoiding these five common bad habits […]