Who remembers how MAGNIFICENT the year 1989 was? It was the year that ushered in the 90’s but also capped off one of the most trendsetting decades thus far, the 80’s.  In just a few minutes at 8pm we’re kicking off our time travel trip to the year 1989 and we invite you to take a […]

During the Soul Train Awards Sunday night, there was a tribute to Babyface and his amazing catalog. But we were scratching our heads when Fantasia performed the hit Superwoman instead of the original performer Karyn White. Was Karyn too busy? (By the way, Fantasia killed that song!) We weren’t the only ones wondering about Karyn White.     […]

She’s given us hits like,”Superwoman”,”Secret Rendezvous, and “Love Saw It”. Karyn White is back after being away from the music industry for 18 years. Don’t miss Karyn White on “Life After” tonight at 9p.m. on TWC channel 330. Listen to interview

Karyn White is probably best known for her 1988 hit “Superwoman” but since been busy since then. While she hasn’t released a record in 17 years, she now has a new release, “Carpe Diem” in stores this month. For White, it was both her initial success (she is the first female artist to hit #1 […]