The FBI is now on the case looking for hackers who violated Leslie Jones, by hacking into her iCloud, cell phone and posted nude photos and personal information on her website. What haters and hackers of Leslie Jones don’t realize, with EVERY attack, they are making her MORE famous & more loved! Celebrities rally around […]

For over a year, the KKK and Anonymous have exchanged blows online. The first unhooding by the collective was last year during the Ferguson unrest.

The group tweeted their warning on Tuesday, promising to out at least 1,000 members.

NewsOne takes a look at some of the trending stories in the news. We kick things off in this edition of Trending Topics TV with hackers…

Chipotle found itself the victim of racist hackers Sunday, the Daily Dot reports. SEE ALSO: Cops Caught On Facebook Showing Their Racial Biases Users screen-grabbed the…

Lately, it seems major online breaches of security have become an everyday occurrence. The latest cyber scare, a Russian gang stole 1.2 billion username and password combinations. Hold Security of Milwaukee, revealed a group of about 20 hackers from south-central Russia are to blame. The group stole data from thousands of small and large business […]

Yahoo is now the latest company to fall prey to hackers. Usernames and passwords were stolen from some estimated 273 million email customers. The company announced yesterday, they believe the attackers were attempting to access the accounts using credentials that had been obtained from a breach of another company’s user database, the identity of the […]

Smartphones are like mini-computers, full of data, photos, emails and other personal information users like to keep private. Pictures you’ve e-mailed or uploaded from your smartphone could leak information that can threaten your safety or that of your children. Watch this video