When Tiffany Haddish appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show last year, she had Kimmel in stitches rehashing a hilarious story about co-star Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith on a Groupon swamp tour while filming in New Orleans. Fans loved the viral video it caught the attention of Groupon. Check out original swamp story below! Haddish […]

It seems never-ending that the presidential office continues to be blatantly disrespected as folks from the highest and lowest echelons of society to continue to take racist…

Count David Letterman among the celebrities who are now linking Donald Trump’s recent comments about President Obama’s birth certificate and ivy league worthiness to flat out racism. Now, advertiser Groupon will pull its ads from the website of Donald Trump’s television show “The Apprentice”. The advertiser wants to distance itself from the “political criticism” swirling […]

VIA: CNN.COM The Super Bowl usually comes and goes without much notice in China. However, this year, America’s famous sporting event took a different turn when a television advertisement featuring Tibetans and a Chicago-area Himalayan restaurant triggered angry comments from internet users in China. The ad by Groupon — a U.S.-based company that helps online […]