DL did not come to play with Megyn Kelly. Our afternoon-drive host, DL Hughley was a guest on Fox News last night and the topic was police brutality. And DL was not looking for her to explain away the actions of police officers in the past week.   Follow Karen Clark on Social Media Facebook/Instagram: […]

People are still losing their minds over Beyonce’s Super Bowl appearance and music video. Here’s the latest from our buddies at Fox News.   And this from Canada…  

  On Tuesday we discussed the Democrats. Now it’s time to talk about the Republicans. And as Sarah Palin would say, you betcha, there’s a…

Actress and Fox News pundit Stacey Dash has a new ally for her controversial comments about the Oscars' lingering diversity problem -- Donald Trump.


PBS host Tavis Smiley told Megyn Kelly that the president has essentially failed Black Americans, seizing the moment to tout his new book, “The Covenant With Black America: Ten Years Later.”

In separate incidents, a pair of Fox News contributors got suspensions after making negative remarks towards President Barack Obama. Stacey Dash and Lt. Col Ralph Peters took turns in slamming President Obama during live broadcasts on the network on Monday. Earlier in the afternoon, Dash was featured on Fox News’ Outnumbered program where the panelists […]


During a pre-Thanksgiving segment on Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade surprised his co-host Harris Faulkner when he asked her if she served Kool-Aid with her meals.

Bill O’ Reilly continued to critique the Black Lives Matter movement Tuesday, stating just hours after footage was released of a police officer shooting an…

FOX News wouldn't be FOX News without at least one racist slip-up for the holidays.

Black Lives Matter, a movement sprouted from the racial mistreatment of police officers towards men and women of color, was targeted by Fox News host Sean Hannity this week when he compared them to the Ku Klux Klan.

Calling it a "hate group," conservative Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on Monday pledged to dismantle the Black Lives Matter movement.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump ejected a top Hispanic news anchor from a news conference for, well, trying to ask a question.