Don Lemon

The Justice Department delivered a scathing report on the Baltimore Police Department. Yes, the same department that arrested Freddie Gray who ended shortly thereafter. The Justice Department states that there were systemic problems that plague the police department. Much like the Ferguson findings, the DOJ report alleges that for more than a decade the police […]

CNN anchor Don Lemon is usually on the receiving end of social media snark because of comments he makes about race. But on Tuesday night, he was the one delivering sharp commentary while interviewing a supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who intimated that “Second Amendment people” might be able to stop Hillary Clinton if she […]

It was supposed to be a good day for Donald Trump. He was to unveil his economic plan that is supposed to make America great again when all of a sudden boom! Fifty prominent, respected Republican security experts and foreign policy advisors all came together and signed an open letter saying they were not going […]

Is Donald Trump in need of an intervention? I’m talking a political intervention. According to sources within the campaign, yes, and they are planning one right now. Sources close to the campaign also described to CNN yesterday; that there have been a series of blunders by Trump lately, chief among them, his fight with the […]

At last week’s Democratic convention Khizr Khan gave a moving tribute to his son who lost his life in 2004 in Iraq serving this country. During the same speech, Khan also had some very harsh words for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. “Donald Trump you are asking Americans to trust you with their future. Let […]

If you’re not watching the Republican National Convention you’re really missing out. It’s a real s#!t show!! I’m sure Donald Trump didn’t plan it this way when he promised to put on a show, but boy is he delivering. Behind the scenes there are more glitches than you can keep track of. But on the […]

After the terrible tragedies suffered in the last week of this country, CNN held a town hall last night to try to bring about healing. Dallas police officer Patrick Zamarripa was killed last week. His father spoke to me last night about his son. “He didn’t see color. He didn’t care if you’re white, green, […]

I went to high school with the police chief. He graduated the year before me. The victim’s family attorney My nieces know Alton Sterling – not well- but they’ve bought CD’s and DVD’s from him at the local convenience store. One of my nieces does his aunt’s hair. They say in all their interactions with […]

If you blinked might have missed it. Seriously, if you weren’t in front of a television or listening on line or the radio – which most of us weren’t – around quitting time on Wednesday, you probably missed President Obama going on a rant. A rant is what he called it. Though he never mentioned […]

It’s still trending on social media. My mom sent me several links on Facebook. It was all over the news on TV, on radio and online. People were asking me about it wherever I went. What am I talking about? “This award – this is not for me. This is for the real organizers all […]

  The Trump campaign is trouble – real trouble!! And here’s how I know it: Not because he is running out of money – $1.3M on hand. Not because he fired his campaign manager – Corey Lewandowski. Not because he has anywhere from 30 to 70 people working for his campaign nationwide– maybe 29 or […]

Hillary Clinton won California, and in doing so made history by becoming the first woman to become the Presidential nominee for a major political party. “So many of you feel like you’re out there on your own, that no one has your back. Well, I do. I hear you. I see you. And as your […]