A 10-year-old Michigan Black boy has been charged with aggravated assault after hitting a White child in the face with a ball during dodgeball. The mother of the 10-year-old, Cameishi Lindley, said she was shocked after receiving the call from Wayne County Juvenile Court saying that her son would be charged after the dodgeball incident. […]

A bright light that sounded like thunder raced across the sky in Detroit last night causing magnitude 2.0 earthquake around 8:10pm. There were several reports and videos from an area stretching from Flint to Toledo, the National Weather Service determined that the “rare occurrence” was “not thunder or lightning or weather-related.” Some residents also reported […]

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Mike Ilitch, the founder of Little Caesar’s Pizza and owner of two major Detroit sports franchises, passed away last Friday at the age of 87. Stories of Ilitch’s generosity surfaced in the wake of his passing, as it was revealed that the owner of the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers  quietly paid Rosa Parks’ […]

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Detroit businessman Mike Ilitch offered to pay Parks' housing for as long as necessary after a 1994 burglary.

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Hager was the only person allowed through the gates, while the rest of his family was left behind, including his sickly mother, Naimma.

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The rapper's efforts hope to curb one of the worst public health disasters in the U.S.

Nicholas Alexander Lee McCray told friends he was heading home to Detroit and is believed to have been en route from North Dakota. He was last heard from on social media Nov. 17.

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After over nine hours of meeting Republican and Democratic leaders in the state could not devise a concrete plan for a repeal.

A group of Detroit pastors and activists warn Blacks to stay away from the suburb of Eastpointe, following a police brutality lawsuit and other complaints about police.

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State officials are now admitting that most of the voting machines in Detroit were broken on Election Day.

A Detroit principal gets a 15-month prison sentence. Nearly a dozen Detroit principals pleaded guilty to receiving kickbacks from a school vendor.

A lawsuit accuses Michigan's governor and Detroit Public Schools of allowing conditions at inner city schools to deteriorate beyond reason. They're blamed for widespread illiteracy among Detroit's students of color.