According to the Hollywood Reporter, Friday Caitlyn Jenner, “the former Olympic athlete, and reality TV star officially completed the filing of paperwork with the California Secretary of State’s office”, to run for Governor in a recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. […]

President-elect Donald Trump, is being urged by some of his advisers to save at least one dance at his inauguration for Republican Caitlyn Jenner. Yes! you heard right Caitlyn Jenner! Advisors feel that this would mend the fence with the LGBTQ community. Bruce Jenner was a Republican long before the parent of six transitioned into […]

Just because you like to rock women’s clothing doesn’t mean you’re on your way to becoming the next Caitlyn Jenner. But, it also doesn’t mean you didn’t give it some thought. EJ Johnson revealed on his show EJNYC that he gave transitioning some thought before deciding against it. Read More: EJ Johnson’s Weight Loss Transformation On the […]

The Huffington Post uncovered a vintage Good Morning America interview with Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, who were friends with O.J. Simpson and his murdered ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

This probably happens all of the time to the Jenners and Kardashians, but we don’t usually get to see it on video. Brody Jenner was approached by a woman in Walgreens who NEEDED to know what was up. Brody happened to catch the questions on video and posted it to his Instagram.    

Check out these pictures from Kylie Jenner’s birthday dinner, where Kris and Caityln Jenner took their first picture together!

Florida police have arrested and charged a man in connection with the death of a transgender woman who was fatally shot in a Tampa-area park,…

This sports year has been filled with some pretty emotional moments, but nothing was more memorable than the courage, love, and faith shown at last night’s 2015 ESPY…

Siri has embraced Caitlyn Jenner. So much so that she doesn’t even want you to mention Bruce Jenner’s name. If you happen to ask your iPhone’s resident know-it-all about Bruce Jenner, she will correct you with a quickness. (Also, don’t ask Siri what zero divided by zero is.)