There are a few simple steps to follow on your quest to defeating eczema but today I’m going to focus on one.

Although the causes remain a mystery, African-American and Hispanic mothers are more likely to give birth to a preterm infant. In fact, babies born to African-American mothers are twice as likely to have low birth weights compared to Caucasian babies. According to the CDC, 18% of African-American women give birth to a premature baby meaning […]

VIA: CNN.COM A Dutch woman confessed to giving birth to four babies, then placing them in suitcases and storing them on the top floor of her parents’ home, a Dutch prosecutor said Sunday. The 25-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday and confessed Thursday, Prosecutor Hank Mous told CNN. Police recovered the four bodies in four suitcases […]

VIA: CNN.COM Each year about 37 babies and toddlers die when they are accidentally left strapped in car safety seats or become trapped in vehicles that rapidly heat up. If you think this senseless tragedy couldn’t happen to you, think again. Mary Parks and her husband, Jeff, had everything they wanted: a comfortable house in […]