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Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - April 18, 2023

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The photo you see above of the beautiful Garcelle Beauvais is a style of photography that most of us know as “the paparazzi pic.” In other words, candid photos of famous people that are often sold (per-pic) for what most people pay in rent for an entire year. The hustle has turned many men and women into oftentimes-barbaric individuals who will stop at nothing to bank in on that perfect image of a marketable celebrity.

It goes without saying that Beauvais is more than fitting to sell an image or two, which is why paparazzo John Carta is suing her for posting what he feels was an unauthorized photo. Only thing is, it was a photo of Garcelle herself.

Wait, can he even do that?


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The short answer to that question is a firm ‘yes.’ Even though Garcelle was joking when she wrote, “when you don’t know paparzii is on you” [sic] as the caption to her Instagram photo seen above, the paps do expect you to know that payment is required for any use of their images. According to Radar Online, Carta says he took many images of Garcelle back in May 2022 while in New York, which he later says The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star posted on her Facebook and Instagram accounts without his legal consent.

More details in the copyright lawsuit claim against Garcelle Beauvais below, via Radar Online:

“John said he obtained a copyright for the photos. Despite him owning the rights, he claimed Garcelle used the photos on her Facebook without permission or paying him a dime.

The suit reads, ‘[Garcelle], without permission or authorization from [John], actively copied and/or displayed [John’s] photographs on the Account and engaged in this misconduct knowingly and in violation of the United States copyright laws.’

John said he worked hard to create the photos and selected the ‘subject matter, timing, lighting, angle, perspective, depth, lens and camera equipment used to capture the image.’

John said his plans to sell the images were ruined when Garcelle posted his work for free on her account. He accused her of using the photos of advance her brand and reputation.”


When you look at it from the perspective of a photog just trying to make a living, there is a valid point that can be made here. However, could it all be one big industry-wide shakedown? It appears this isn’t the first time that one of the Housewives has been in the grasp of a paper-chasing paparazzo. Her RHOBH co-star Lisa Rinna also settled a similar case not too long ago, which means they could be the targets for a quick payday.

A good photographer has the ability to make you look like a million bucks or a sack of bricks, so maybe it is worth paying for that perfect photo. Still, how can someone bravely use your own likeness against you in the court of law?

See what a few people are saying over on social media below in this case of the copyright laws, and let us know if you side with the paparazzi or the person:

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1. So they can take pics of her without her permission, but she can’t post said pics without theirs… got it! 🙄

via @TashaJLyons

2. How is this possible especially when you are at a public event and did not get the permission of the subject to take the picture for profit?

via @parksharriet

3. Money running low? This guy

via @charliev30

4. Ummm. It’s photos of HER. She can do anything she damn well pleases

via @welliebh

5. I need @natlawyerchic or @TheEmilyDBaker to explain this lawsuit w/ a Paparazzi & Garcelle?! Paparazzi shouldn’t have this much power over a celebrities likeness! How can the paparazzi sue a celebrity for posting images of themselves that the paparazzi took! Wtf? #RHOBH

via @TalkAmarachi

6. I think this is so fucked up. If I can’t post a pic of myself without permission, then you shouldn’t be allowed to take/sell a pic of me without permission.

via @carpe_DMH

7. Hopefully Garcelle settles this case out of court.

via @HotBoyNY1

8. That’s insane.

via @maddalorian

9. Then they should be able to be sued for taking her pic. That’s someone looking for a payday

via @Regenia238

10. But isn’t that what paparazzi photos are for?!

via @hopeashling