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Religion is history, just as much as is it spiritual. It’s no wonder museums exist to showcase the depth of its rich origin and impact over centuries. Religious belief systems vary in a many ways, spiritually and systemically, from culture-to-culture and there’s a lot to be discovered within them all. Highlighting historical figures and text, historic landmarks and artifacts, check out these must-see religious museums across the nation.

5 Religious Museums Around The Nation   was originally published on

1. Creation Museum – Petersburg, KY

Creation Museum - Petersburg, KY Source:Getty

Though the Creation Museum acknowledges science and dinosaurs, it also journeys through Biblical history and generally attracts people of faith. 

2. Ark Encounter – Williamstown, KY

Ark Encounter - Williamstown, KY Source:Getty

Kenneth Ham’s Ark Encounter is a theme park with a life-size ark mimicking the one described in the Biblical story of Noah.

3. Museum of the Bible – Washington, DC

Museum of the Bible - Washington, DC Source:Getty

The Museum of the Bible in the nation’s District has collected over 1,000 historic items for display and boasts over 2,000 artifacts borrowed from other historic collectors. Some of its collections include Biblical art, the art of Jacob and Torah scrolls. 

4. National Museum of American Jewish History – Philadelphia, PA

National Museum of American Jewish History - Philadelphia, PA Source:Getty

The Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History is a Smithsonian-affiliated museum located in the heart of historical Philadelphia. It’s collection of items span the Colonial period to today. 

5. Dunham Bible Museum – Houston, TX

Dunham Bible Museum - Houston, TX Source:Getty

Located on the campus of Houston Christian University, the Dunham Bible Museum features ancient manuscripts, the earliest Bibles in English, the earliest Bibles printed in America and more.