El Debarge, a soul falsetto singer who is known for his major hits “Who’s Johnny,” “Love Always” and “Rhythm of the Night,,” sang “Second Chance” at the 2010 BET Awards.

According to CBS entertainment news, El Debarge chose “Second Chance” because he believes “everybody deserves a second chance.” El Debarge’s statement seemed to be coming from his life experiences such as his alleged jail time for domestic violence and possession of illegal drugs.

Speaking of second chances, hopefully the world has forgiven Kanye West for his “something you should keep to yourself” comment toward Taylor Swift at the MTV Music Awards.

Kanye West opened the BET Awards with his song “Power.” West set the stage well for all the performing artists coming after him.

Written by: Kendra McCaffity

Take a look at El Debarge performing at 2010 BET Awards:

Here’s Kanye West performance:

Finally, here are some pictures of El Debarge and Kanye West: