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Like many, I know “The Color People.” I really, really KNOW it.  I know the characters, the lines, the scenes…it’s one of those movies that I always watch when I catch it on television on a Sunday afternoon. So, when I set off to see the play at the DPAC in Durham last night, I was expecting the movie on stage.

I was wrong.

The show is not the movie on stage. And I wasn’t disappointed. Not for one second. I was so caught up in the songs and the back stories of the characters and the emotion on the stage, I forgot to compare the play to the movie.

Yes, the story is the same, but somehow, the play gives you more. More color, more description, more explanation, more music…more of EVERYTHING you love about “The Color Purple.” While watching the play unfold on stage, I was so caught up in the action of the characters that I was almost stunned when the lights came on to signal intermission. I sat, tapping my foot impatiently, waiting for the lights to go down again so I could find out what was in Nettie’s letters that Mister had been hiding for all those years. Yes, I know what’s in the letters (because I KNOW “The Color Purple,”) but I couldn’t wait to see how it was unveiled on the stage.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets to see “The Color Purple” at DPAC, I would suggest that you do it right away. If you KNOW “The Color Purple,” (and even if you don’t) I’m sure you will be tapping your foot during intermission too!

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