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Every so many years this seems to reoccur. It’s hard to image so many people keep falling down this path but yet it happens. Chambers Funeral Home & Crematorium in Riverdale, Maryland has lost its license after investigators found about 40 bodies stacked on top of each other, leaking fluid, in a garage, a state official said. If the bodies were leaking fluids does that mean that they had previously been embalmed or what? Not to mention the health and safety issues with the body fluids flowing out.

So where did all these bodies come from? Well some of the bodies were cadavers who had been donated to a local university for research. Other bodies came from other funeral homes which were meant to be cremated. If the other funeral homes choose to dump bodies off to this location why did they not follow up to make sure that these bodies had been properly handled. I mean obviously these funeral homes would have to come and pick up the ashes to turn into the families. So when there as no ashes shouldn’t that have been a sign? That should be looked into as well.

William Chambers, co-owner of the funeral home, told CNN-affiliate WJLA said that he hopes to work with the state to resolve the alleged violations. It would appear that these alleged violations aren’t alleged at all if your business was found with multiple bodies stacked up like shoes on a shelf. These bodies certainly don’t sound as if they were treated with dignity and respect.

When investigators inspected the funeral home they were warned by an employee, who told them, “Don’t get upset about all the bodies in there,” according to documents released by the state funeral board. I mean the employee was just casual with it like “oh excuse the mess there’s a few bodies floating around, but just push them to the side and come on in.”

Inside the room was a “large pile, approximately 12 by 12 feet, of body bags containing human remains strewn on the floor of the garage in front of a removal van. There was visible leakage from the body bags as well as a pungent odor,” the documents said. “The investigator also observed writing on some of the body bags,” they said. “However, fluid leakage from the body bags caused the writing to smear and become illegible. As a result, it was not immediately possible to determine the identity of the remains.”

There will be a hearing at the end of the month to determine whether the funeral home will get its license back. This is a crying shame. Do you think the funeral home deserves a second chance to let momma’s body rot in the attic 6 months after you held the service?