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Tyrese Accuses Ex-Wife of Extorion, Death Threats & More

Source: ROBYN BECK / Getty / Tyrese

Tyrese is the king of oversharing on social media and keeping his followers involved in all aspects of his life, good or bad. So it doesn’t surprise anyone that he has a lot to say about his ex-wife on Instagram.

The so-called “vision implementor” and star of the dragged-out Fast & Furious movie franchise had time for his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson, two days ago on his Instagram account.

In a lengthy post, Tyrese aired all of the frustrations, trials, and tribulations he continues to endure with his ex-wife, who is also the mother of his 16-year-old daughter, Shayla. He told his 20 million plus followers he would no longer live in fear of what his ex-wife might do to him next.

“I’ve got nothing to lose but my mind and my reputation… And neither one of these are no longer up for grabs..” the actor begins the ridiculously long caption. “I get it, I get it… We are living in the TIMES UP and ME TOO ERA! And as soon as a man goes public about the abuse and trauma inflicted on him by a women we are shamed into silence? I’m past that…Be yourself in my comments! STFU, MAN UP! Stop putting your personal shit out there on the timeline…. Be more private?

“Did you tell my ex to be more private in 2017 when her accusations rocked my life, my career, my marriage and every opportunity imaginable that was in motion was killed instantly? After a FULL TRIAL in 2017 with her testifying over 120 LIES was documented UNDER OATH…Did you shame her into silence? No!”

Tyrese Accuses His Ex-Wife of Blackmail, Extortion & More

The actor hit his ex-wife with all kinds of accusations like death threats, extortion, blackmail, international wire fraud, hell, basically any illegal activity you can think of.

“I’m done living my life in fear of what she might accuse me of next… I’m done with anyone having power over my life to make ALL THAT I HAVE BUILT crumble…. [ for those of you who will say ‘Cry me a river, you rich alpha MALE’…. That’s cool.

“Extortion, death threats, blackmail, tax evasion, domestic and international wire fraud, skipping 3 FULL YEARS of tuition of our daughter’s schooL OVER 25k in the rears 167 pages of the full on court documents link in bio ] …25 years of my life and me being a committed father…. No one will EVER HAVE POWER over my life and career…. Ever….”

Tyrese’s Public Relationship Woes

The actor/singer has a long history of public disputes with the women he is romantically dealing with. After leaving Mitchell, he married Samantha Lee.

Gibson and Lee are currently dealing with a messy divorce.

After Lee, he began dating Instagram influencer/model Zelie Timothy. They broke up after Tyrese once again got Instagram on Super Bowl Sunday, claiming she gave him the boot because he was recording too many songs about his breakup with his ex-wife, per Baller Alert.


Honestly, we want Tyrese to take us out of the group chat.

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