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Focused Man Gaming Intensely on Console

Source: South_agency / Getty / Black TikToker

Plenty of grown men have quit their jobs to pursue a career in gaming, but that wasn’t the case with this joker.

A Black TikToker who goes by the handle @tianaredd_ was officially fed up with her bum a** boyfriend after he quit his job to play the PS5 she bought him.

Like many people lately, she ran to the popular social media platform on Dec.28 to ask her followers for advice because she believed the man quit his job to pick up the sticks, saying in the video she felt like she was on an episode of Pranked.

In a follow-up post, Redd finally took action, making her apartment as uncomfortable as possible for “Nard,” her now ex-boyfriend.

In the video with color commentary, she can be seen throwing out food, packing up meat to give to her friend, and even trying to get the electricity turned off, but the landlord said if she did that, she would breach her contract.

The last step was her going to the local Walmart to pick up tools to change the locks on the door but come to find out, she didn’t even need to go that far because all it took was a confrontation with “Nard” that led to him packing up his belongings and leaving the apartment.

Some People Asked Why She Went Through All That

Some people commented on the post wondering why she went to such great lengths to get “Nard” out of the apartment and just kicked him out in the first place.

Redd revealed their relationship was an abusive one, replying, “We got over 10 domestic violence cases. Burglarizing, kidnapping, all of that. So, why, in my good mind, would I just throw his shit out. Do you think I wanna get [punched]?”

We are glad she could get that bum out of her life without things getting physical.

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