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Coronavirus nasal swab test

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Western Sydney Health in regards to the comment made by Nicki Minaj after announcing she did test positive for COVID-19. The rap icon repeated what she heard about a relative’s friend’s reaction to getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The rapper also felt that she didn’t want to be bullied in her choice to get the vaccine.

Western Sydney Health tweeted Monday, “We promise to leave the rapping to @NICKIMINAJ if she leaves medicine to doctors and scientists.”

Tuesday, in response to the tasteless tweet from, the acclaimed award-winning science educator, molecular biologist, and apparent rapper came with her response, tweeting “Or maybe leave the rapping to the scientists who are willing to educate and not alienate people who are still hesitant about the vaccine?”

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Sis came with some entertaining and educating bars over Megan Thee Stallions, Body instrumental. The lyrics are catchy and get the attention of the community, because she took the time to explain. Raven the Scientist ( @ravenscimaven )  uses her platform to help the community understand Science more.

She isn’t calling out people out of their names or bullying because of their choices. She’s simply giving a helping hand of maybe comfort from her experienced knowledge to anyone that feels any type of way in regards to the vaccine.

Again Nicki Minaj, never said she’d never get the vaccine. She did mention she has a young child and does have concerns about the vaccine. She didn’t put down anyone for their choice to take or not to take the vaccine. She did mention she doesn’t want to be rushed or bullied to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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