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Starting with the return of in-person instruction Oct. 26, families and staff will be notified via email and text whenever a confirmed case of COVID-19 is reported at their school or administrative office. We will also provide weekly updates on the number and location of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the tables below.

Cases are reported for each school community, meaning staff and students combined. This is done to help maintain individual privacy and emphasize the fact that it is the spread of the virus inside a school, not among individual groups inside the school, that matters most. Anyone considered to be a close contact of an affected individual will be contacted by the school district or Wake County Public Health.

HOW TO READ THIS DATA: A school system cannot eliminate COVID-19 from the community. It can, however, slow and even stop the spread of the virus inside a school by strictly following health guidance about face coverings, social distancing and hand washing. Single cases in a school are inevitable. The spread of the virus is not. That is why single cases are specifically marked in the table below. Cases marked as “linked” in the notes mean someone in the school spread the virus to another person in the school while on campus. The goal of compliance is to reduce or eliminate linked cases on campus.

Clusters, which are defined as 5 or more linked cases, are confirmed by Wake County Public Health.

*Please note: Each case listed in the table below does not always equal a different individual. For example, if an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 was in three different schools on the same day, that would count as a separate case in each school. A more detailed description of what happens where there is a COVID-19 case on a campus can be found on this page.

REDUCE SPREAD: Wear a face covering. Wait to maintain social distance. Wash your hands.

Get updated list of cases here.



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